Tips On Using Landscaping Materials

There’s a wide range of landscaping materials available to the regular consumer these days. Where once only contractors and suppliers could find materials that were beyond basic cement block and lumber, do-it-yourselfers have exploded into the marketplace and industries have responded. Eliminating the middleman has led to just about anyone being able to find exotic landscaping materials with far more cachet than the supplies of a decade ago. Anyone handy with a shovel and who can lift or dig can certainly create a small backyard area that is attractively designed and decorated with garden furniture or perennials.

Pathways and small walls are very pleasing to the eye. The types and ranges of stone landscaping materials available to the average person today for paving, dry setting and retaining walls have come a long way since the modest brick. One supplier offers artic granite, textured patio paving and design stones that can be combined to form patterns. Information on planning and stone laying is readily available on the internet, which makes pathway projects incredibly easy to carry out.

Landscaping materials that enhance the appearance of your outdoor area only encourage you to spend more time in the open air. Even decks are being ripped up and replaced with stones, for areas far more appealing than the plain 2” x 6” decking floors of ten years ago.

What about Materials for Patio Decks?

Lumber and boards are another landscaping material that has come a long way since green-colored treated wood. Those who do opt to use lumber to build a new deck or replace an old one have attractive options available to them. Recycled material is now extruded into boards that look better than natural lumber and last far, far longer.

The range of colors in plastic boarding is pleasing to the eye and fits in nicely with plants and greenery you might have outdoors. Should you decide to go with natural wood as a landscaping material, there are plenty of stains that highlight the beautiful grain of your decking, but remember to add long-term protection of waterproof coating.

Stone isn’t limited to use in walls or pathways and is often used as a landscaping material for other ideas such as seating, or even featured as a stand-alone attraction - large rocks embedded in between plants or shrubs have become very popular as a landscaping material choice that adds character to an otherwise-drab yard area. Plants, shrubs, flowers and trees also play a large part in making outdoor areas attractive and they’re considered landscaping materials in themselves.

Whatever you choose for landscaping materials, do make sure to blend your design into the natural surroundings. You want to enhance the appearance of your yard area, and add a relaxing look to your home. Play up interesting features of your yard or use the shade of existing, mature trees. Keep things simple and appealing, using lots of lush greenery and potted plants for that lush look.


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