Landscaping Tips For Dummies

Here is landscaping for dummies. Dreaming of a great vista beyond the window? Want to add curb appeal to your yard but don’t know which part of the plant goes in the ground? More people in the world today live in the city than the country. And with this deluge into urban areas comes a disconnection from growing things.

For you landscaping dummies out there, there are a few great places to get advice and to learn the basics.

Landscaping Basics For Dummies

Start by thinking of the kind of yard you want and need. Should it be low-maintenance? Do you have a lot of rain, or is your climate very dry? Is the area cold or warm? The number one landscaping fact for dummies to remember is that you can only grow what fits your climate. The palm trees you saw in Miami will not grow in Chicago. And perhaps most importantly, storybook English-type gardens are too delicate for many climates.

You must find out what plants grow easily. One of the best sources of landscaping help for dummies is the internet. First find the website of your county Extension Agency. The Extension Agency is there to provide help to anyone growing anything – from ranchers to container gardeners. The Extension Agency is a good, nonbiased source of landscaping advice for dummies. They can recommend good plants for the beginning, or merely casual, gardener.

If you have a neighbour with a nice yard, they are a great resource and usually glad to talk and talk and talk about their hobby. They have experience with the plants that thrive, live, or die in the microclimate of your very street.

Home-improvement stores usually offer landscaping help for dummies, but take their advice with a grain of salt. The plants sold at these big retailers are often picked more by corporate requirements than plant hardiness. For example, all over the country, nurseries sell roses and say the roses grow great. However, to get a rose to grow in most climates requires watering and fertilizer – a lot of trouble.

Local mom-and-pop nurseries are more likely to sell the most appropriate plants. While they probably have roses because they sell well, mom and pop might also have native plants, or at least more suitable plants, that can grow in your climate and soil without maintenance. Ask the people in the shop, neighbours, and extension agents for their ideas on the easiest plants. Whatever they mention the most is a good place to start.

Last but not least, a good resource on landscaping for dummies is this website itself! We have gathered several good articles for beginners like you and we are constantly improving the quality of our website.


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